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Sgian Dubh





Shipping and Handling

Please note Sgian Dubhs cannot be sent internationally. Sgian Brews, Kilt Pins etc are ok unless antler, bone is a prohibited item in your country.

Shipping of 'Sgian Dubhs' in the UK will be tracked and sent by courier.


Stubborn Stag UK Shipping Euro Zone Shipping and handling prices in the UK and Euro are fixed at:

Value of Cart Shipping and Handling Cost
£0 - £44.99 £3.99
£45 - £74.99 £4.99
£75 - upwards £5.50

Stubborg Stag shipping for USA Stubborn Stag shipping to Canada Shipping and handling prices to the U.S. and Canada are :

Value of Cart Shipping and Handling Cost
£0 - £44.99 £3.99
£45 - £74.99 £4.99
£75 - upwards £5.50


Stubborn Stag shipping to Australia Stubborn Stag shipping to New Zealand
Import restrictions for Australia and New Zealand state that animal bone is a prohibited item and therefore cannot be sent.

Other International buyers please check your country for import restrictions and any additional local taxes. Please bear in mind our p&p charge covers all packaging materials, postal and labour costs related to shipping.

Please remember sales of Sgian Dubhs are not permitted to under 18's


Hand made Sgian Dubh

If in doubt please check local knife laws before buying. Although Sgain Dubhs are Scottish national dress items ALL Stubborn Stag Sgian Dubh sales are strictly to over 18's only.
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